Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ezdan Mall Update – May 23rd

[the most up-to-date information I have on Ezdan Mall is from August 21st and can be found here]

A bit disappointing, only a handful of new shops are open, definitely not as many as I expected. Ezdan’s target of having 80% of the shops open by the end of May looks extremely unlikely, I'm guessing maybe 50% of shops will be open.

No new food and beverage is open so all you have is Tim Hortons, KFC, MotiMahal, and one other café. I figure by the end of the month maybe 20% of the planned food and beverage outlets will be open.

Carrefour is still closed [update May 26: I've been told by two people Carrefour is open now], WHSmith is still closed. Forever 21 is still closed, not sure why as it looks ready to go:

So here’s some pictures of some of the new shops that are open, as well as a couple of others that I hadn't taken pictures of yet. Neal’s Yard Remedies is open now:

And here's a couple more shops on the “getting ready” list:

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Rachel C said...

Hey! Nice blog. I visited this mall recently too and was also a little disappointed. Do you know if there is an underpass planned to connect it with Landmark?

Hopefully things will improve shortly. If you ever want to guest blog on Funky, get in touch!