Thursday, May 09, 2013

Tim Hortons is Open in Qatar!

I went to Ezdan Mall today and sure enough Tim Hortons is open for business!


Bonus info for all you Canadians out there:

• Donuts cost QAR 5 each, not 8 as I previously reported. Other pastries start around QAR 8. A box of six donuts is QAR 27.
• Sandwiches are available, as is soup and chili.
• Of course there are Timbits
• As you can see from the picture of my donut there were no Maple Dip donuts available, but I'm assuming they will have them (I think they were sold out).
• The place is small, I think there was maybe 8 tables. Once the mall is fully open chances are you'll have to get take away unless they can put some tables out in the mall.
• I think it was their first day of operation so service was a bit chaotic and definitely not as speedy and polished as typical for Tim Hortons. Be patient, I’m sure the staff will soon get the hang of it.


For some more Tim Hortonsupdates click on this link.


Milan Neupane said...

nice one

Anonymous said...

YES!!!! What about the breakfast sandwiches, did you see them at all? I'll have to stop by this weekend, thanks for the update!

~Calgarian in Qatar

Glen McKay said...

Breakfast sandwiches? I don't recall seeing them but I was there in the afternoon. It's possible that they don't -- it's a small place so might not be able to offer everything.

Michelle said...

All I want is an everything bagel and an iced cap to go with it :) thanks for the update, will go check it out this week!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I cant wait to have my tim bits. yumm :)