Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ramadan 2013 – Day 17, Sohour Banquets

So I've now attended my third sohour at a hotel. During Ramadan all of the major hotels host these lavish iftar and sohour buffets and I inevitably get invites either through work or from friends. The sohours are always popular and despite the many five-star hotels here you still need to reserve in advance.

Here's some pictures from the most recent one, at the Ritz. While some hotels actually set up tents on the grounds for the sohour some, like the Ritz, decorate their ballroom instead.

The buffets are huge, focusing mostly on Arabic cuisine but are sure to offer numerous other foods as well.

Love the dessert section (though I didn’t have much of it, I swear).

It's things like this that can make it difficult for people to lose weight despite the fact that you're fasting throughout the day for a month. Ramadan is also a time of celebration so families or friends commonly meet up for iftar or sohour at these buffets. I'm okay with sohours because at least you've already eaten, but iftar is more difficult because once you break your fast and start eating it's hard to stop when there is a horde of food around.

Anyway it is still worth trying at least once. Sohours typically start at 9pm and go on till late, maybe 1am or 2am. Most people don't arrive until sometime after 10 or 11; we arrived around 9:20pm to an empty ballroom but by 11:30 it was packed.

Expect to pay at least QAR 200 per person but more likely you'll be paying around 300.

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