Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan has officially been announced!

Tomorrow the fasting begins. I drank nothing but decaf today so I should be all right in terms of caffeine withdrawal. From my recollection the first couple of days are always the most challenging in terms of not eating food or drinking anything so we'll see how it goes.

Tonight I was driving towards West Bay and happened to be driving by the artillery cannon when it went off to signal that Ramadan had started. Needless to say that scared the living *@#^ out of me and I nearly veered off the road. I thought one of my tires had exploded or something.

I’ve downloaded a prayer schedule here. Looks like Fajr prayer is around 3:20am and Maghrib prayer starts around 6:28pm so that’s 15 hours of fasting every day. Luckily work will be on reduced hours (during Ramadan banks, government offices, and other offices typically work five or six hours a day) so I can nap in the afternoon.

As usual I hope to post a lot about what's happening during the Holy Month so check frequently for updates.


vxfk said...

Great blog- This is the first time I'll be observing Ramadan (non-Muslim)or spiritual fasting so definitely looking forward to reading about your experience in comparison!

Glen McKay said...

You're welcome. Hope fasting goes well for you. In my experience once you get into the pattern of fasting (and mid-day napping) it's not as bad as people think it would be.