Thursday, January 15, 2015

Things That Are Happening in Doha (That I'll Be Missing Out On)

Unfortunately I'm still convalescing so I'll be missing some of the activities that are happening around town. You should consider going if you can.

1) Men's Handball World Championships

I was going to attend the opening ceremony tonight with a bunch of friends but of course I can't go now. I hope my friend managed to find someone else to take the ticket. I should be fine to see some of the later matches though. You can get tickets here:

2) The Mal Lawal Heritage Exhibition

This exhibition of traditional Arabic culture and vintage items is still ongoing at the Doha Exhibition Centre and well worth a visit.

3) The Doha International Book Fair

Also being held at the Doha Exhibition Centre until January 17. Dozens of vendors and publishers selling a wide variety of books. Most of the books will be in Arabic but there are some English-language books available.

Enjoy. Wish I could go this weekend too.

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