Thursday, June 06, 2013

Ezdan Mall Update – June 6th

[the most up-to-date information I have on Ezdan Mall is from August 21st and can be found here]

I haven’t been at Ezdan Mall for 2 weeks and surprisingly not a lot has changed.

The Carrefour is definitely open but for some inexplicable reason Forever 21 was closed [update: it opened the next day, June 7th].

For food and beverage only one more café has opened

That means your options are two cafés, Tim Hortons, KFC, and MotiMahal. The only proper restaurant that looks close to opening is Royal Tandoor.

Otherwise here's the other stores that are now open:

And a couple that are getting ready


Anonymous said...

do you know if WHSmith has opened?

Glen McKay said...

It's definitely NOT open, won't be for at least a month or more I figure.

Maybe it's time to post an update on Ezdan Mall. . .