Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Swiss Vacation Continued

So the next day my friend and I drove from Geneva, along the lake, to the town of Montreux to visit the impressive Château de Chillon, a medieval castle on the lakeshore.

We toured the castle for a while

and then left to have lunch in the nearby town of Gruyères.

It’s a small town that kept its medieval charm but is more famous for Gruyère cheese, which comes from this area. No cars are allowed in the town so you have to park at the bottom of the hill and walk up to it.

But there was something else in the town– the H.R. Giger Bar and Museum. H.R. Giger is a surrealist artist best known for working on the art direction and special effects for the movie Alien (for which he won an Academy Award). Why something so out-of-place was in this picturesque town I have no idea but when my friend told me it was here I wanted to see it. I love H.R. Giger’s work and have one of his anthologies on my bookshelf here.

Check out the bar. Wish I could have taken pictures inside the museum but unfortunately pictures are not allowed.

So after eating something at the bar, going to the museum, wandering around the town, and buying some Gruyère cheese, we returned to Geneva. From there I took a train . . .

. . . to Milan.

Yep, this trip now goes Italiano. Stay tuned.

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