Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Italian Vacation

I was just in Milan for around six hours so I wandered around the La Scala (Opera House) before heading back to the Duomo. For a fee you can wander around the roof which was more impressive than I thought it would be, there was a lot of decoration and work that went into the roof of the Cathedral.

Later I met up with some friends in front of the Duomo and we drove to the island of Monte Isola in Lake Iseo. I had been there a couple of years ago and really enjoyed my time there. We even stayed at the same hotel on the southern tip of the island.

The next day we wandered around the island

said hi to some people

and met up for lunch with a friend of one of my friends who lives in a small village on the island.

From there we wandered back to the ferry and crossed back to the lakeshore to get our car.

From there it was off to Verona for the evening. We chilled out in the square

And wandered around looking at the cool buildings, such as this Roman-era Coliseum that is still being used for concerts.

The next day I said bye to my friends as they dropped me off at the train station and I headed off to Venice.

Venice has to be one of the coolest cities to just hang around in. Happened to stumble upon some sort of Catholic ceremony in San Marco Square.

I really have no idea what was going on but there appeared to be some ceremony led by the Archbishop (maybe Cardinal?) with some holy object or another and then they all filed into St Mark’s Basilica.

I’ve been to Venice before so I knew some decent restaurants to eat at and basically spent the time just wandering around the city. Next day I took the ferry to the airport.

I can't believe I did all that traveling in Switzerland and Italy in just six days. I now need another vacation just to recover from this one :)

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FashionandGourmet said...

Planing to be there 2 weeks later.
Nice post.