Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Picture of Qatar's "Crazy Roundabout"

When I arrived in Qatar I was always hearing about a place called “Crazy Roundabout”, an intersection with some bizarre roundabout that confused people. That wasn’t its official name but people began referring to it as the “place with that crazy roundabout” and eventually the name stuck. Apparently there were accidents almost everyday at this roundabout because of how difficult it was to navigate.

Unfortunately by the time I arrived in Qatar it had been removed and replaced with a signal (not surprisingly everyone calls it “Crazy Signal” in memory of the roundabout) so I never got to see this famous Crazy Roundabout. I recall years ago I tried searching for a picture online but without success.

Fast forward to this week when I was chatting with Qatari friends and for some reason the topic moved on to roads in Qatar so I brought up Crazy Roundabout and how I’d never seen it. They did a web search in Arabic and voila – they were able to find an old picture.

So here we are everyone, the infamous Crazy Roundabout. Enjoy.

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Rafeek Kambala said...

It is valuable picture. Gives light to the history.