Monday, August 03, 2015

Ghent (Gent)

Spent a night at another Belgian city famous for old buildings and canals - Ghent (Belgians spell it Gent).

Wandered around for a while and found the medieval castle at the heart of the city. Naturally it contained things like reenactments of old-time torture.

Just outside the castle was a big beer garden with a band covering all sorts of hits. I was surprised how the crowd would sing along to the lyrics of English songs whenever the band played them.

Why the beer garden? It turns out there was a big festival that week, which appeared to involve lots of concerts, lots of street food and lots of drinking. Here's only one of the about 5 that I saw in the city center.

And here's the front of my hotel at 11:30pm, good thing my room didn't face the street.

Unfortunately as I was only there one night I didn't have much of a chance to see the touristy-things in Ghent, and the festival took up a lot of my wandering time. Seemed like a nice city.

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