Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Gulf Mall update - IHOP not open yet

[latest update on Gulf Mall is August 14th, you can find it here]

Just a quick post about Gulf Mall. Blogger.com provides statistics showing what people were searching for that led them to the blog and I've been getting a few searches a week about whether IHOP is open in Gulf Mall. I was at the mall tonight and nope, still not open. Shouldn't be much longer though. [September 4th update -- still not open]

It looked like all the restaurants in the food court were open though, as was an Italian place on the second floor called something like 'Menezane'. No IHOP, no Shake Shack, no Pei Wei.


Anonymous said...

There was FatBurger, KFC and Subway open in the food court, only about 1/3 of food court open. Also the Mamas and Papas store not open yet...

Glen McKay said...

I was there today and the Papa Johns, Wrap it, Wok Box, and one other place in the food court were also open.